This is just a brief summary of some of the magnificent lectures our members have given on a wide variety of subjects related to the Authorship Question throughout the history of our organization, as well as a few links to lecture notes and significant papers written on the topic of the Authorship Question.

From this list you can begin to see the depth of experience and insight they bring to this inquiry as academics, theatrical professionals and, independent scholars. As time goes by, we will add additional information here, so stay tuned!

    PAST LECTURES FOR 2017-2018

    “Power Games: Jewels in the Time of Shakespeare” - Sally Mosher
    “Botanical Shakespeare” - Gerit Quealy
    “Penelope, Avisa and the Dark Lady” - John Hamill
    “Literary Fraud in Elizabethan England” - Sabrina Feldman

    PAST LECTURES FOR 2016-2017

    “Shakespeare and the Stars - The Hidden Astrological Keys to Understanding the World’s Greatest Playwright” - Priscilla Costello
    “A.C. Swinburne vs the New Shakspere Society” - Jeffrey Kahan
    “Shakespeare’s Secret Jews” - Ben Donenberg
    “O Brave New Will: Images of Justice & Intolerance in Shakespeare’s Plays” - Louis Fantasia

    PAST LECTURES FOR 2015-2016

    “Return of the Knights Templar” - Michael Henry Dunn
    “Elizabethan Censorship and Punishment” - Bonnie Miller Cutting
    “Shakespeare & Torquato Tasso” - Ron Tasso
    “The Definitive Case for Marlowe” - Alex Ayres

    PAST LECTURES FOR 2014-2015

    “Marlowe's Ghost in "As You Like It” - Dr. Steve Sohmer
    “A Brief History of Stylometrics” - Professor Daniel Wright
    “Nothing Truer Than Truth: A Documentary about DeVere & Italy” - Cheryl Eagan-Donovan
    “A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Shakespeare’s Aristophanic Comedy” - Dr. Earl Showerman
    “DeVere vs Sidney: Tennis & Pseudonyms” - Gerit Quealy

    PAST LECTURES FOR 2013-2014

    “Shakespeare and the Goddess of Complete Being” - Mark Mendizza
    “King John's Bastard Prince” - Professor Daniel Wright
    “SPECIAL EVENT at the Belasco Theater in New York City” - Mark Rylance (Co-sponsored by the Shakespeare Authorship Trust)
    “More Russian Intrigue in Love's Labor's Lost” - Rima Greenhill
    “Shakespeare Goes to Hollywood” - James Ulmer

    PAST LECTURES FOR 2012-2013

    “Early Sources of The Tempest” - Professor Roger Stritmatter
    “Shakespeare & the Alchemy of Gender” - Lisa Wolpe
    “Othello's Guide to Italy” - Sylvia Crowley Holmes
    “Shakespeare & Politics” - Louis Fantasia
    “Shakespeare & Spiritualism” - Professor Jeffrey Kahan

    PAST LECTURES FOR 2011-2012

    “The Patronage of the Countess of Derby & the Stanley Co-Heiresses” - Dr. Vanessa Wilkie
    “Shakespeare's Ghostly Tragedies” - Dr. Earl Showerman
    “Music in Elizabethan England” - Sally Mosher & Sylvia Crowley Holmes
    “Eternal Numbers: Shakespeare Sonnets Refigured” - Marty Hyatt
    “Sleuthing Shakespeare and the Masons” - Helen H. Gordon


    Mark Mendizza — A Review of Ted Hughes' "Shakespeare and the Goddess of Complete Being" (Read Lecture Notes)

    Ib Melchior — The Tombstone Cipher

    D. Claudia Thompson & Bruce E. R. Thompson — "Shakespeare on the Orient Express" (Read Lecture Notes)

    Bonner Miller Cutting — Lady Anne Clifford & the Appleby Triptych
    "A Countess Transformed: How Lady Susan Vere Became Lady Anne Clifford" (Read Lecture Notes)

    Sally Mosher — Power & Politics of Jewels in the Age of Shakespeare Harpsichord and Music of the Tudor Courts
    "English Music in the 16th Century: Court & Countryside" (Read Lecture Notes)

    Earl Showerman — "Shakespeare's Much Ado's: Alcestis, Hercules, & Love's Labour's Wonne" (Read Lecture Notes)
    "Shakespeare's Greater Greek: Macbeth and Aeschylus' Oresteia"(Read Lecture Notes)

    Louis Ule — The Shakespeare Apocrypha

    Irvin Leigh Matus — Shakespeare in Fact—the Stratford Man

    Peter Dawkins — The Shakespeare Spear Shakers — Franchis Bacon and his Pens

    Dr. Steve Sohmer — Julius Caesar & Julian Calendar

    Hank Whittemore — The Monumental Story of the Sonnets

    Professor Stephan May — The Courtier Poets: Dyer, Essex, deVere

    Robin Williams — Sweet Swan of Avon: Did a Woman Write Shakespeare? (re: Mary Sidney)

    Professor Gary Taylor — The First Folio & Booksellers

    Mark Rylance — Backstage discussion on Measure for Measure

    Tom & Jean Seehof — Undressing Shakespeare (Elizabethan dress)

    Roger Stritmatter — Shakespeare and de Vere’s Geneva Bible
    "'O Brave New World': The Tempest & Peter Martyr's De Orbe Novo" [Strittmatter & Kositsky] (Read Lecture Notes)

    Charles Marowitz — Recycling Shakespeare for the Contemporary Theater

    Elliot Baker — In Defense of Delia Bacon

    Susan Naulty — Edward de Vere Documents at the Huntington Library

    Charles Beauclerk — The Earl of Buford - Why the 17th Earl of Oxford is the Real Shakespeare
    "The Psychology of King Lear"(Read Lecture Notes)

    Diana Price — Elizabethan Men of Letters - Is Shakespeare the Odd Man Out?

    Professor Alan Nelson — Cambridge and Oxford, University Wits

    Richard Paul Roe — Shakespeare’s Italian Itinerary

    Ruth Loyd Miller — William Cecil and Royal Wardship

    Dr. Rima Greenhill — From Russia with Love –Diplomacy in Love’s Labour’s Lost

    Alisa Beaton — “The Geometry of Shakespeare’s Plays

    Terry Ross — Thomas Sackville, Lord Buckhurst—the Other Earl as Shakespeare

    Professor Ward Elliott — Claremont Computer Clinic: Stylometric Studies

    Alex Ayres — "Wit & Wisdom of Shakespeare—aka Marlowe" (Read Lecture Notes)

    Betty Talvacchia (Getty Center) — Giulio Romano—Shakespeare’s Sculptor

    Julia Jones — "The Brave New World of Giordano Bruno" (Read Lecture Notes)

    Jane Roe — Life of John Lyly

    Louis Fantasia — Reconstructing the Globe with Sam Wanamaker

    Sabrina Feldman — "Swallow and The Crow: The Case for Sackville as Shakespeare" (Read Lecture Notes)